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About Us

Mini Tabletop Games is a branch of JanduSoft, a Catalonian game company located in Barcelona. With several mobile/pc/console games published.

Mini Tabletop Games born to focus on developing and self-publishing boardgames of own IP. Bringing a fast and small gameplay experience to the table to be enjoyed with all family members.


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Cards of the Dead

Cards of the Dead : The Board Game

Cards of the Dead : The Board Game is an adaptation of the video game “Cards of the Dead”.

A survival game for 1 to 3 players in a Zombie infested city.

The game offers a different experience from the video game that can be enjoyed alone or with company.

Mini Quest Adventures

MiniQuest Adventures

MiniQuest Adventures is a Dungeon Crawler book game for 1 to 4 players in the purest 16 bit video game.

Each match will generate a random dungeon that the player must overcome in order to reach and defeat the final boss.

The Heroes will receive rewards such as weapons or equipment that will help them face off against enemies, which will have increased stats in each successfully completed round.